Tapir of Guyana

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Tapir of Guyana
A tapir is a small homemade box shaped van that accommodates about 8 passengers This vehicle was carved and shaped by few men in Crabwood Creek in 1980 and after 30 years they are the only mode of public transportation between Crabwood Creek and N0. 51 Village.

The first tapir was constructed using a minibus engine, a car's dashboard and zinc sheets for the body panels and today some thirty years later the style of design stayed the same.

A tapir has 2 doors located at the side of the vehicle and a door at the back of the vehicle where passengers enter and exit. Inside of the vehicle there are two 2 long seats that run parallel to the left and right sides of the vehicle so passengers are facing each other while sitting.

The passenger seats are made with lumber, a thin layer of sponge and then covered with leather or synthetics for appeal.

Accessories such as cassette players, compact disk players. portable DVD players, boom boxes and strobe lights can often be found on these vehicles.

Many Tapirs if not all of them have catchy names written on the upper front windshield to identify them among their peers. On busy days like Fridays and Saturdays when the market places are filled with shoppers, the large fonts on the windshield helps passengers identify their favorite or not so favorite driver.

Usually, names are chosen based on popular Hollywood movies. Names such as Salsa, Night Rider, Black Knight, Black Stranger, Night Shift, Lovers, Burning Train, Money Train, and Blue Thunder etc can be found written in large fonts on the front windshield of Tapirs.

The cost of traveling in a Tapir is 100 GYD from Crabwood Creek to Corriverton and from Corriverton to No. 51 Village is 100 GYD. The U.S exchange rate is 200 GYD to 1 USD. So a trip from Crabwood Creek to NO. 51 village will cost 1 USD.