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Hollis Urban Lester Liverpool


March 5, 1941


Chaguaramas, Trinidad


Nelson Street Boys' RC School

St. Mary's College

Government Training College

University of the West Indies (B.A.)

University of Michigan, Michigan, USA (Ph.D. in History and Ethnomusicology, 1993)


Chalkdust won eight Calypso Crowns: 1976 ("Three Blind Mice" and "Ah Put on Meh Guns Again"); 1977 ("Juba Dubai" and Shango Vision"); 1981 ("Ah Can't Make" and "My Kind of Worry"); 1989 ("Chauffeur Wanted" and "Carnival Is the Answer"); 1993 ("Kaiso Sick in de Hospital" and "Misconceptions"); 2004 ("Fish Monger" and "Trinidad in the Cemetery"); 2005 ("I in Town Too Long" and "Ah Doh Rhyme"); and 2009 ("My Heart and I"). In addition to being a calypsonian, Chalkdust is a teacher, historian, and writer. In 1979, he published his Education Diploma dissertation "Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago: Its Implications for Education in Secondary Schools." His other publications include: "Kaiso and Society" (1986); "Calypsonians to Remember" (1987); and "Rituals of Power & Rebellion: The Carnival Tradition in Trinidad & Tobago 1763-1962" (2001). Liverpool also served as Director of Culture in the Trinidad & Tobago Government's Ministry of Culture. In the fall of 1999, he spent 5 weeks in residence at the Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College Chicago, Illinois, USA. Liverpool has performed and lectured extensively in the Caribbean, Europe, and North America. His other calypsoes include:

1968 - Brain Drain; Devaluation

1969 - Reply to the Ministry

1972 - Ah Fraid Karl; Goat Mouth Doc; Immigration Problems; Our Cultural Heritage; Somebody Mad; We Is We; We're Ten Years Old; Who Next

1974 - Ah Thief It From Kitch; Bernard; Clear Your Name; Joanne; Let The Jackass Sing; Massa Day Must Done; Old Creole Way; Stay Up; Telephone Call; We Blight

1975 - Calypso Disease; The Energy Crisis; Nixon's Mistake; Spare The Children; Straker's Boat Ride; To Spree With Love; Traffic Solution; Why Milo

1976 - Chalkie The Teacher; The Essence of Love; Hang Him; Message to George Weekes; Too Much Tempo; Twentieth Century Greats; You Can't Judge Culture; No Smut for Me

1977 - The Cubana Crash; The Message of '70; My Way of Protest; To Lloyd With Love; Theme for African Liberation; Why We Attack

1978 - Ban Them Kitch; Brooklyn Tourist; Calypso vs. Soca; Mastana Bahar; Money Ain't No Problem; Rasta Language; St. Thomas Singers Too Fresh; Letter to Eric; That Good, That Bad

1979 - Black Inventions; Caricom; De Spirit Gone; Eric Loves Me; Jonestown Massacre; Tantie Merle; Thanks Geddes; Trinidad Money

1980 - Bring the Ayatollah; Uncle Sam Own We

1982 - How to Sing Calypso; Respect We Ting

1983 - Ash Wednesday Jail; Let's Learn to Laugh; Black Child's Prayer; National Pride; No Toilet In Town; Watch the Mixture

1984 - Ah Love Trinidad; The Drunk Monk; Learn to Laugh; Ram the Magician; They Ent African At All; When the Roll Called Up Yonder

1985 - Grand Pa's Back Pay; It Ain't Have Man Again; Rum Mania; St. Thomas Heroes; Sweet Pan War; White Man's Plan

1986 - Too Much Quacks; Port-of-Spain Gone Insane

1987 - What the Hell You Want; We Kinda Leader; The Drug Report; Children World; Last Jour Ouvert; The Scape Fox; Them People Laughing At We

1989 - They Can't Beat We; Try Obeah; Twenty Years 'N Twenty Strokes

1990 - Bush Yard; Come Back Home; Con Dom Mania; People's Army; Soca Is the Cure; Soca Jam; That Good: That Bad

1991 - You the Jury

1992 - One for the Savannah

1996 - National Unity; Selwyn In The Garden Hiding

2000 - Tug O War Society; For Kitchener's Sake

2001 - The Tent Is It; A Shortcut Society; Kitch 2001

2002 - Ah Lost Roy; From Naipaul to Shame

2003 - Letter to Keith Rowley; Just So

2006 - Placed 3rd in Calypso Monarch competition with "The Bandit Factory" and "Chalkie the Mailman"

2007 - Soca Warriors

2009 - Ah Not in Dat

2010 - Mas Is Mas

Also - Making the Greens; Kaiso Power; Man Want To Dance; Sea Water and Sand; Trini Does Lie; Uncle Sam's Policy; CNN Society; Korean Store


1976 - Trinidad & Tobago Humming Bird Medal Silver (for Contribution to Calypso)


Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit