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Joseph Stanislaus Solomon (born 26 August 1930, Port Mourant, Berbice, British Guiana (now Guyana)) is a former West Indian cricketer who played 27 Tests for the West Indies. He played Test cricket from 1958 to 1965, scoring 1326 runs, mainly from number six and seven in the batting line-up. In 46 Test innings, only one of them were made into a century (against India at Delhi on his first Test tour), while his occasional leg breaks yielded four Test wickets - including two batsmen with Test batting averages above 45, Ken Barrington and Bill Lawry. He also contributed to the result in the first Tied Test in 1960. His long-range throw hit the stumps to run out Ian Meckiff. In the next Test, he was out hit wicket after his cap fell on the stumps. Solomon continued his cricket career by remaining involved in the selection process for the West Indies team and coaching a local team in his native Guyana until retiring in 2005. Today he resides in New York City.